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Michael Molkenthin.
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>Elite Starfighter

>Starship Conquer



The Invaders-Project was the initial start to develop my engine:
a first-person actionshooter in space, intentionally keeped in arcadestyle.
Enjoy Entertainment GmbH had signed the "publishing" deal for it, as it were de-facto completed.

They had titled it „Starship Conquer“ and announced the 5th April as the official releasedate. They have took it without any relevant changes, so the game was finished and mastered in time.

The game was localized to german, english and russian (for the label "cd-navigator").

The Game:

Starting only with laser-guns you have to face the outnumbering superior forces of an enemy in space.

You are in an arcadeuniverse with arcade laws-of-physics. Every destroyed servant of the villain enemy increases your score and so it gives you additional arms and PowerUps. The harder you have got them, the higher the reward of course is. After some adrenaline and high usage of your reflexes, you will have got the necessary score and PowerUps to beat the enemy ..and he grows also in its difficulty to subdue!

Area I - „clean the mines off the asteroidzone“ (20% in gameflow)

  • Avoid the asteroids. Destroy the mines and earn score. Use that as bargain to reach as much score as possible, to face the mobile enemies in the next area with a higher score-account and the appropriate powerups.
  • The shadowside of an asteroid is plunged into night. You have an floodlight that luminates a circular area in front of you.
  • If you are crashing the asteroids you will bounce with loss of speed and shield.
  • Mines are catching you and detonating - damaging your shield - if you got into the range of their dangerous tractor shields.

Area II - „dogfight in open space “ (40% in the gameflow)

  • After you have left the asteroid field you will meet mobile patrolgroups of the enemies, each consists of a group leader and four fighters. They are hard to get since they have frontshields, provided by the leaders energy-reactor.
  • Here you will upgrade fast: the hardly destroyed fighters let you earn a higher scoreincrease, so you will get powerups faster to face the menace in the next area.
  • if you slow down, it's easier for them to target you. if you are stay nearly moveless in positions they will take you massively under fire. On the other hand, it's harder to target them, if you are running fast yourself. A challenge for your reflexes.
  • touching the surveillance-range of sleeping, cruising-around patrols will trigger them to attack you immediately
  • Two types of patrols: The usual Red and the Green ones with higher A.I.
  • If you try to escape the patrols will persue you with at least the same speed.

Area III - „fighting at the flagship“ (40% in the gameflow)

  • You will see the whole flagship of the intruders. There is a main tube inside the flagship running longitudinally with subtubes separating from it at the bow. All doors are closed at the beginning, but the first door is destroyable.
  • Your main goal is to destroy the reactor to destroy the flagship of the villains, to open a temporal door to the past, that is, the next level
  • To get finally into the reactor room, you pass each subtube and subdue the waiting guards inside. That is a room, big enough to moneuver, with your final destruction-goal in the middle.
  • At the end of each tube is a door - you shoot it off and another previously closed door is opening then at the bow. The last tube leads into the reactor room.
  • The flagship itself has stationary laser-cannons for defense till you destroy them.
  • At the outside of the flagship are hangars docking. If you are getting in the near without destroying them, patrols will swarm out and persue you.
  • Guards are waiting in the tubes, if you are overtaking them without destroying - and that can be happening easily - they will be subdueing you. Expect tunnelfights reminding you on Starwars.

Key Features of the completed project

  • fast dogfights in tubes and open space.
  • arcadestyle. To get the oldschool feeling some sounds will be made with the good old c64.
  • you are in space. neither top nor bottom are limits to your maneuvers.
  • self-describing through just-in-time briefings, ideal for casual gamers
  • no violent content
  • gamesaving to pause your action easily
  • four single player missions
  • deathmatch und conquest levels for multiplayer

Target Platform

Standalone Windows-PC

Hardware requirements

  • Pentium III 500 MHz or better

  • Windows 98/ME/2k

  • 128 MB Ram

  • DirectX Version 8.1 or higher

  • 3D-accelerating Graphics Adapter with 64 MB Videoram


  • Michael Molkenthin
  • Bleick Bleicken
  • Florian Dose
  • Johannes Nagele
  • Bjoern Poldrack