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>Elite Starfighter

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Hello and welcome, my name is Michael Molkenthin

As i was something around 12 years old, Commodore had designed a special version of the c64 for aldi. Only 300 DM - so my dad curiously took it.

My Destiny. I had absolutely got stuck to the machine, whenever the tv was unused and connectable as a monitor. One year later Basic-V2 was not enough, i have started with assembler to get closer to the machine.

Years of „Democoding“ are following.

In 1996 i was hired by a software vendor with an enterprise resource planning system. A hard cut, yesterday doing „rgb-plasma“ directly on atarihardware in assembler wiping off any operating system, next day adapt business software, create database transactions, handle a multiuser unix environment, SQL..

I was doing my job as something about developing and supporting an ERP-application for some years, which were great and very important to me. But anyway, I felt the urge to try out gamedevelopment.. I decided and begun an 3d-Engine in Aug 2002 as a kickoff-project on my own.

Based on that i have created the games Starship Conquer and Elite-Starfighter. Getting a game finished and shipped to the stores is always a hard job. Well, it was buggy as hell and poorly designed ... but i nailed the deadline. Of course I also participated in various projects as hired contractor - for plain and simple survival purposes. I met some great colleagues to found a company, but the fiscal crisis in 2008 made publisher acquisition impossible.

Doing games or 3D-coding then was just hard and poorly paid work - no kind of art anymore. Don't misunderstand me: These were really great rock and roll years, which i don't want to miss. Nevertheless I fortunately got the opportunity to return to my "habitat" and took it. Today I am a consultant for business software. With the greatest hobby you can ever have.

This homepage is mainly about my coding, especially the two games I completed myself.