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>Elite Starfighter

>Starship Conquer




Elite-Starfighter was designed by Novitas Publishing GmbH and they have chosen me for executing that idea, after i had made my pitch there with the Psychonomix Engine.

The mastering and release was in Nov 2004. I have done several patches since then. I was trying to met the ideas and suggestion of the community.

Elite Starfighter shall be a remake of the first Acorn Elite. But this was an absolutely underestimated goal. Graphics reduced to outlined vectors allowed the creators of the ancient game to focus purely on deep, great gameplay. Many missions were implemented during the following versions and sequels on schneider, c64 and many other ...err.. "platforms"

The "patch" thread of the development then was not really part of the originally released and shipped Elite-Starfighter by Peppergames. It is involving strongly in design and planning the ideas and material from the gamers itself. Like Marcus Carra (Demon), who is a helping hand in content producing - the thargoids and the cockpit as example.